hi, I'm sasha!
I'm an artist who loves weird things and messing around with web design. welcome to my corner of the web!


5/14/24: I have no idea.

  • 5/14/24: edited page for my ocs
  • 1/7/24: put my art into one single page. let's hope I stick to this layout for once
  • 11/25/23: added a landing page for trigger warning and changed up my home, art, and blog pages. looking to redo my links page soon as well.
  • 10/16/23: separated art page into three different sections with a directory.
  • 9/19/23: I have a serious problem.
  • 8/24/23: got my links page up with a sitemap and a bunch of broken links.
  • 8/18/23: I added a chat box! :D
  • 8/16/23: still messing with the layout of the home page because I don't know when to quit..........
  • redo: blog, about
  • add: pages for original writing, reviews, music
  • Webrings!