At a glance...

this site was created in the beginning of 2023 originally meant as just a portfolio for my artwork. but throughout the year, it became more of a personal space for me to share whatever I want. from my art and writing, to my favorite song of the week, to my thoughts on the last movie I watched, this site encompasses a lot of parts of myself!

I'm an artist who also aspires to be a writer in the future. I also have interests in game design and music, both of which I'm slowly getting a hang of day by day. my number one dream is to create my own original work, to make something personal for myself, and that maybe speaks to other people too.

I'm a big fan of horror and transgressive media, and I'm a huge gorehound! my absolute favorite type of stories are of weird, not-quite-right people coming together and bonding over similar desires, cynicism, and trauma. I love romance and relationships in general!

as a disclaimer of sorts: I'm mentally ill. I've dealt with near-debilitating ocd, delusions, and suicidal ideation for most of my life. I consider this to be relevant as it's something that permeates a lot of the content I share on this website, whether it's in my blog entries or what I want to depict in my own work. my mental illness is something that I'm not afraid to work with and reflect on through a means that is right for me, if very vulnerable.

I'm not sure what else to say and maybe there'll be more in the future, but if you read through all this, thanks!

stay weird!